Announcements & Communications

Exhibit operative communication and cooperation across any Organization.

Your People get Every bit of Organizational’s Information through Skill metrics

Effective communications are necessary for cooperation management in an organization where information of regulative compliance is necessary, or where important modifications and updates need to be pass along quickly to people. Communications can also be done via email and Push Notifications.

Schedule your LIVE Demo with SkillMetrics

Schedule your LIVE Demo with Skill Metrics

responsibility and accountability

Responsibility and accountability

Assure responsibility and accountability of a person for the connection and management of important communications

Regulatory Compliance

Get restrictive, legislative and Organizational needs by Effective Communication And Updates, They Are also Recorded For Future Purpose

regulatory compliance


Announcement for your achievement is at fingertips, You can Assign and Modify Awards And Achievement Of every individual

Streamlined Communication 

Within few clicks, you can update all of your fellow teammates 

Effective Compliance & Reporting

Communication compliance can be managed severally of your general skills and competency structure.

This gives the consolation and proof that your people are receiving and understanding important changes that may affect their jobs.

Customized Report Generation

Get a Customized Report of your choice. Just select the data you want to export.

effective compliance & reporting
In detailed reporting

In detailed Reporting

In detailed reporting for every update, and announcement from Organization.

Why Skill metrics?


Your Security, Built
into Skill metrics

Skill metrics provides 100 % Security Assurance
Skill metrics Protect your Valuable Data From Threats And Attacks
Ensure your Data is safe With Skill metrics As Per your Company Norms.
cross platform

Your Security, Built
into Skill metrics

Skill metrics is compatible with multiple platforms such as desktop, laptop, mobile, etc.
Easily compatible with computers, Smartphones, and Tablets, a Nice and clean User Interface Supports All versions of Android and iOS.

best performance
Best performance

Your Security, Built
into Skill metrics

Skill metrics is the best platform For Managing your skill matrix and Competency management
Enhance your Performance Culture through Easy use Platform
Tools Like Skill metrics, Training Records, Assessment, Reporting, Dashboards, And Radars make Your Work Easy

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