Familiarize yourself with the Skill Matrix.

  • Create a Training & Skill matrix of any size
  • Choose any combination of people, skills, job roles, or functions
  • Customizable or generic skill targets for individuals/job roles
  • Instant access to historical training & assessment data, certification, and evidence
  • Accompanied by a variety of powerful functionality

Robust Training, Competency, Audits, Assessment, and Skill Matrix.

Skill Metrics is the powerful & ideal software service that instantly creates a skill matrix based upon your talent and competency framework. Skill metrics reduce efforts and limitations while using spreadsheets/Excel sheets

Skill matrix can be created in a number of powerful and flexible ways, to perform gap analysis in seconds on any Department of your organization. All skill matrix is automatically color-coded to help visually identify competency, compliance, and skill gaps.

With skill metrics, assessment of employees is as simple as:

Build training (with drag & drop) > Training scheduled  > Exam build (with drag & drop) >Exam conducted>Instant result >Skill Metrics Build

Easily fetched skill results help in monitoring the skill gaps within seconds, hence results in a trouble-free and accurate allocation of manpower through your organization/organizations

Top Features:

  • Training Scheduling
  • Assessment
  • Competency mapping
  • Distribution of manpower(accurate)
  • Cut down in spreadsheets
  • Centralized system

Insights of Skill Metrics

Why is skill assessment important?

Understanding the need of work, & working to the need is the pre-eminent part of Skill assessment, right person at right time at the right work definitely results in perfect management of workload & finally takes the organization to the ultimate goal GROWTH.

Skill assessment and the people

Linear growth in digitization technologies has made smartphones & tabs & etc. An integral part of our very livelihood. We at skill metrics provide the solution that is easily accessible & totally verified just at your FINGERTIPS.

Yes, it is as simple as that

You and Skill Metrics

Admin panel with all the masters pre-stored and easily editable.
Assigning admin roles.

Limiting/extending user roles.
Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.
At your side cuts down the support calls tough we provide 24×7 technical support. 

Yes, we are worth your time!

Why Skill Metrics?


Your Security, Built
into Skill Metrics

Skill Metrics provides 100 % Security Assurance
Skill Metrics Protect your Valuable Data from Threats and Attacks
Ensure your Data is safe With Skill metrics As Per your Company Norms.
cross platform

  Your Security, Built
into Skill Metrics

Skill Metrics is compatible with multiple platforms such as desktop, laptop, mobile, etc.
Easily compatible with computers, Smartphones, and Tablets, a Nice and clean User Interface Supports All versions of Android and iOS.

best Performance
Best performance

Your Security, Built
into Skill Metrics

Skill Metrics is the best platform For Managing your skill matrix and Competency management
Enhance your Performance Culture through Easy use Platform
Tools Like Skill metrics, Training Records, Assessment, Reporting, Dashboards, And Radars make Your Work Easy
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