case study Mahindra

Case study Mahindra

Snehal Nagarkar (HR head)

We at Mahindra (MHEL) were looking for a solution that could conduct our employee’s skill matrix, audits, competency reports, etc. And get us rid of this hefty sum of Excel sheets.

How did Skillmetrics help you?

We at Mahindra were using approx 50 odd different Excel sheets to maintain the same, that was way too clumsy to maintain the records, then these guys
Came up with a solution that was beyond our expectations, that we expected.
Absolutely easy to use.

So what did you achieve?

More than 50 different Excel spreadsheets are concentrated in a single system.
Annual certification audits became “easy as you get” for the first time in years.
Yes, we have definitely seen an upward graph in our employee’s skill sets



It was one of the toughest challenges to amalgame the scattered stuff, Then create a single output for one final solution

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Now we have a single-click solution at our fingertips thanks to team skillmetrics .

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