Up Skilling

Skillmetrics gives you Access to Store your Training, Learning And Assessment Data, Additionally Competence And Compliance Result

Build a valuable history of each person’s training activities, take on both off-site or on-site, and online. SkillMetrics stores all views of training and assessment, showing Goals And Skills gaps.

Build Training

Create training with drag and drop facilities. Upload videos documents assigned with one click, instant notifications, click start training sessions

Training scheduling

SkillMetrics enables scheduling of  training with an integrated calendar plugin and direct assign button too

Training Scheduling & Booking

SkillMetrics enables Schedule training courses in the online calendar and allows people to book their attendance. also, the admin can manage Attendees or unplaned attendees enrolment

Training records

 Feedback feature at user side allows the trainee to send instant feedback regarding the training session that allows you to assess training sessions based on authentic user output


In case of non clearance of training based examination , software has  hassle-free retraining  mechanisms

Training Material

 upload relevant documentation for each Training e.g. presentations, policies, procedures, spreadsheets, etc, 

Certification & Evidence

Upload supporting evidence documentation such as certificates to support training data and allow easy access for auditing.

Retraining & Reassessment

SkillMetrics will then automatically notify administrators (e.g. team leaders and managers) by email or notification will be sent by software.  when this is overdue. You can Reconfigure training for skills that require refresher training, or re-assessment.

Mobile Device Support

The hybrid mobile application allows users to use the app both on Android as well as iOS

Top Features:

  • Ad-hoc support for Managers and employees
  • Custom design integrations for support applications
  • Integrated service systems and management
  • Save your sticky notes
  • Mobile and tablet, integration with device management and other apps

Why Skillmetrics?



Your Security, Built
into Skillmetrics

Skillmetrics provides 100 % Security Assurance
Skillmetrics Protect your Valuable Data From Threats And Attacks
Ensure your Data is safe With Skill metrics As Per your Company Norms.


Your Security, Built
into Skillmetrics

Skillmetrics is compatible with multiple platforms such as desktop, laptop, mobile, etc.
Easily compatible with computers, Smartphones, and Tablets, a Nice and clean User Interface Supports All versions of Android and iOS.

Best performance

Best performance

Your Security, Built
into Skillmetrics

Skillmetrics is the best platform For Managing your skill matrix and Competency management
Enhance your Performance Culture through Easy use Platform
Tools Like Skill metrics, Training Records, Assessment, Reporting, Dashboards, And Radars make Your Work Easy
Schedule your LIVE Demo with Skillmetrics for competency records

Schedule your LIVE Demo with SkillMetrics for competency records

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