Save time and get more from the applications and services that help drive your business.
We’ve made it easy to use skillmetrics solutions,
with our growing list of integrations partners.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Use biometrics, punch it, and get started with integrations of Skill tests.
Use RFID to get connected.
Generate, Scan QR code “Silence please! Exams are going on”.
Internet of Things is what Skill Metrics is.

Support Management

On-call support, in working office hours 10 am — 7 pm

and online support via email, chat box (provided on the website)

  1. Microsoft Teams
  2. Google meets
  3. AnyDesk
  4. TeamViewer

Skill Metrics Ticket support system available for  24×7×365

support management
Cloud servers

Cloud servers

Well, it is well known now what the cloud service and servers are, so choose your cloud/hosting platform :

Some cloud hosting companies we are suggesting to go with.

  1. Google cloud
  2. AWS
  3. Azure
  4. Digital ocean

we have a team of expert hosting consultants always @ your assistance. 

Attached Applications

Had a demo, Skill Metrics is great, but my company is using SAP?

Not an issue at all, we provide integrations across copious platforms.

Be it LMS/PMS/HRMS or Biometrics or SAP’s or etc.’s

We provide cost-free integrations with the existing systems provided with needful

Attached Applications

High-Level Integrations – Integrate Skill Metrics to Meet Specific Business Needs

Skill Metrics Can be Integrated with Your Favorite Business Applications.

Optimize your work processed and enhance productivity with Skill Metrics

Software integrations is a great way to reduce the administrative burden,

and reduce the risk of error while saving time and money.
Skill Metrics has many API connectors,

to make your work easier, productive, and more motivating than ever.

Work centrally from a single location

Securely transfer data with new functionality


Reporting API


Chat Widget

User Management API


Standard Code

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