If you are a student, Engineer, Doctor, Manager, or any person living in the 21st century, you must understand what is industry 4.0.

We have seen during the COVID-19 pandemics how digital technologies are an important part of our life.

Nowadays, We See Ecommerce stores, Live Classes, Video calls, Live Workshops, And Events.

Furthermore, we are Using Digital money like Paytm, phonepe, G-pay all these technologies already made a lot of changes in the industrial processes.

The next level of that is Industry 4.0 (Industrie 4.0), which originated In 2011 from a project of the German government.

Mr. Klaus Schwab, (The Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum) Introduce the fourth Industrial Revolution.

Let us know about ‘what is the industrial revolution is?

Industrial Revolution Is characterizes as significant Changes and advances in technology in Manufacturing and Industrial cycle with new imaginative innovations

First, we’ll look up a brief history of Industrial Revolutions

Industrial Revolutions

  • First Industrial Revolutions started in 1760 to 1840 With the Invention of the Steam Engine, So was the train introduced. With this construction of Railways evaluated, this basically resulted in the utilization of machines in production.
  • Second Revolutions happened around 1870 with the introduction of electricity and the use of electricity was increase this basically resulted in mass production of machinery, steel, Combustion Engines, automobiles.
  • The third industrial revolution started around 1969 When computers started getting Popular. With computers, electronics, and automation were also introduce. With that factories became more automated and machines are control using PLCs, this revolution focused on digital technologies in the industrial processes.
  • The fourth industrial revolution started in 2011, which was triggered by the concept of cyber-physical systems it connects the real world with the virtual digital world. Sensors, Actuators, Much more powerful internet, and IT infrastructure, Everything together connecting them together, and autonomous monitoring use of technologies such as AI, Machine learning, Cyber-physical systems use of all these together is basically how this transformation is happening in industry 4.0

Let’s explain industry 4.0 with more details with example

Suppose in a factory there is one machine down and not working of that machine can inform other machines, so machine itself starts automatically without human involvement means the machine can think and communicate each other.

Also in industry, one factory is connecting with other factories, for example, if one factory is overload with production it can inform other factories to start production it can automatically transfer its workload to other factories.

In the factory, systems, and machines inside the factory can be accessed from a remote location with help of different applications and mobile devices.

For example, equipment manufacturers can access their equipment from remote locations for maintenance, and updating software tracking of every system is possible with unique identification.

In short, we can specify industry 4.0 as a new state of the industrial revolution that presents intelligent networking of machines processes for the industry with help of information and communication technology,

In short, we can say it connect the physical world with the digital world.

Now we will discuss what are the key technologies used in industry4.0 that’s make computer devices, machines are connecting and communicating with each other and make decisions without human involvement.

Technologies that are key parts of industry4.0 are IoT, AI, robotics, augmented reality, Cloud Computing, Cyber security.

Let’s discuss them one by one

Internet of Things

Internet of Things is a network of Physical Objects that can collect data with the help of sensors and exchange data with each other, with the help of the Internet.

Take an example of the Smartwatch,

It automatically notifies us when the body temperature is high, even a smartwatch recognizes our heartbeat through sensors.
Smartwatch Automatically Sends A message to the Hospital, book an appointment. Smartwatch Also Connected To Helpline when Emergency Situation occurs In Manufacturing Factories,

Internet of Things enables Field Devices to communicate and monitor with Each Other with Little Human Interruption


Robots Are Programmable Machines that are Usually able to carry Out series of Action Automatically or Semi automatically, Robots are Commonly used In the manufacturing process also Medical Industry, and Space research programs.

Robotics is an Industry that deals With actual robots.

In Advanced Robotics robots can Interact with Each other And Share data Also they Can work Safely With Humans and Learn From them.

In the future, There Will be an Increasing Human-Robot Collaboration, and Many works Will Be replaced by Robots themselves.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a computer program that enables a device to simulate human behavior, such as learning, logical planning, information sharing, and problem-solving.

For example, Siri in iPhone if you say Siri please call these numbers, it will automatically dial the number and connect the call.

Understanding Instruction and dial that number, this is Artificial Intelligence.

One of the common applications of AI for Industry Is Machine learning.

Machine Learning Allows the machine to automatically learn From previous data so that they obtain accurate output and warning at any faulty output.

Most people get confused over Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, let’s clear this confusion.

Robotics is a programmed physical System For a Specific Task.

Artificial Intelligence is a program that simulates behavior associated With Human intelligence

If We combine Artificial Intelligence And Robotics, we Can make robots that simulate human Intelligence that is intelligent robots.


Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is storing Data from various electronic devices in a remote Server, And We can access their Data from anywhere in the World.

Cloud Computing Is Use of Remote servers as storage.

Manage and process Data that can be accessed through Internet On Demand.

For example Gmail, we access Gmail account to send and receive data from anyone in the world.

Cloud computing is helpful to organizations to store a large volume of data without Local servers, they can buy storage Space from cloud services Providers and store their data.


Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a technology that creates an enhanced version of the Real-world in front of you by adding a layer of Digital information on that. Smart glasses and many devices use Augmented Reality.

Virtual reality is an example of Augmented Reality, VR is a simulation That makes the user Feel like he is physically Personnel, but actually, the user is not Physically Present at that place In short,

We define augmented reality as Simulation that created using Computer and Internet Technology

With virtual reality applications, we can explore new places that we can never get there. Like roaming on the moon. Standing on top of Mount Everest or Swimming deep undersea with sharks.



We know that all devices are now connected and transmitting Data continuously that huge volume of data receiving from various connected devices is called big data It can be images, audio, video in it.

This large volume of Data is to be analyzed to extract useful information from that. That is big analytics, in short, we can say it is a process of storing and examine a large volume of data from various sources and systems.

Cyber security

Cyber security is a challenging industry, we know that all systems are connected can create a network.

Cyber Security is a way to protect systems, Electronics Devices, web servers from hackers and malware attacks.

Hackers always trying to attack your network system, and they are trying to exploit data and shut down your industrial systems.

We need to protect our systems from these attacks with the help of Cyber security Technologies Presently Hackers are getting increasingly more modern with the most recent advancements and preparation.

So We must be cautious about ensuring our information and Systems.

By implementing Passwords and Virus Firewalls and a lot of other technologies Into Systems, we Can achieve Cyber safe system.

These all are technologies used in Industry4.0, Using these lots of benefits will gain to the industry such as

Benefits Of Industry 4.0

  • Mass Customization
  • Flexible production
  • Increased Production Speed
  • Higher Product Quality
  • Decreased error Rates
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Data-driven Simulation
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Better Customer Proximity
  • New Value creation Method
  • Improved Work-Life.

Apart from That working As Human- Machine Combination, Humans need to Acquire Various skills for Working Coordinately,

Skills Required for Industry 4.0

  • Complex Problem-Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creativity
  • People management
  • Coordinate With Others
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Judgment and Decision-Making
  • Service Orientation
  • Negotiation
  • Cognitive Flexibility

Industry 4.0 concepts and technologies are often applying across every kind of Commercial Companies.

Skill Metrics Are Integrated With Industry 4.0 Component.

Skill metrics Helps you to fulfill your Employee’s Skill Gap. Up skilling Employees Finds There A Ready For Advancement and Improvement.  

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