Every Company’s most important asset is its Employees,
But how you will know your employee possess which essential skills?
That is needed for company success.
With the help of a skill matrix. Managers can assign the right task to the right people,
According to their skills and experience.

What is the Skill matrix?

  • A skill matrix is a software tool that shows the grid View of existing and Requires Skills, Experience, Proficiencies, training, Qualification, Certification.
  • According To that, managers or Team leaders understand Which Required Skills are Available for Workday. This makes the skill matrix, an important tool for HR management.
  • Skill Matrix includes Skills that are missing for a team to complete a Project (i.e., Skill gap) And determine who needs some training.
  • Skill Matrix Possess Tracking all information very Well-Organized view
  • Each Employee or team member gives a rating on their expertise in skill, this will help managers or team leaders to distribute tasks to a team member, for successful work done

Why we should use Skill Matrix?

Human Memory isn’t Perfect for Handling So many employees at once according to their skills, And to remember each or every one of them is a difficult task.
That is where Computerized Automated Software like Skill matrix takes place.
Also, some kind situations occur like
  • When one of the employees is absent for some particular reason, so who will take that position for a day for successful work done?
  • At the time of merger or acquisition, which employees should retain?
  • Everyday technology upgrades itself, Up skilling of Employees is Necessary, so which Skills should upgrade? For Company’s Overall Best Performance.
  • Appraisal of Employees According to their Performance in recent time.
  • Identify the lack Of Skills (skill gap) of a particular team or employee.
  • To Help HR to find the right Candidate for the hiring process. It can use for planning future hiring.
  • Track your key players in every aspect.

A benefit to your organization

  • Ease Your Internal Audit Process.
  • Identify people with specialized Skills who would possibly otherwise an unnoticed
  • Bring Most Vital skills to your Doorstep
  • Focus Training and Development Resources, for the Employees and Skills who will Bring Advance in the mission. This will cost less in the future.
  • Track development of People and Groups over time, And Discover which training is maximum effective
  • Strengthening the team, by building Individual skills, helps to boost confidence and identify weak Areas.

Skill Matrix Software:

We can manually create a Skill matrix using a Spreadsheet or MS Excel,
Also, there Is Plenty of skill matrix templates Available on the internet.
Although Spreadsheet Is a Good option than a paper-based Record,
there may be a disadvantage of using Spreadsheet or MS Excel such as
  • Manually adjusting and Filling Data
  • A person who creates a Matrix Must be Knowledgeable of Excel and handling Database
  • Corruption of files, Data Missing, and storing Database, these types of technical errors.
Most Of The organization doesn’t rely On Spreadsheets or Excel.
There is a Competency Management System Like Skillmetrics.
Skill metrics is the only skill management tool that introduces you to a finely attractive skill matrix, training records, and audits.
With advanced software and easy UI.
Helping you to enable efficient resource Planning and Task scheduling in a few simple clicks.
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