Skill matrix is very much known and uniform concept but our study says still in this digital days , 70% of organizations are still using it in manual ways.

It’s been now half a decade since we are serving skill matrix automated solutions that calculate to 10 renowned organizations, 20+ brand names, and over 70,000+ employees. 
 Working rigorously towards the enhancement of the product and serving it to the utmost betterment of the client,
 one observation we have drawn out is , implementation needs to be unique.

Now let us understand,

What is the Uniform concept?

The uniform concept essentially means the basics. Competency mapping, skill matrix, and skill gaps can be considered as the baseline for the skillmatrix. Unifying and aligning these features to generate accurate output with induced digitalisation is what is a skill matrix software solution.Though uniform concept yields the results and sometimes the accuracy desired too. But in most of cases, organizations have their own outlook towards what result they actually expect out of the solution they are spending pennies for. And hence the implementation needs to be unique in the case.

What is Unique implementation?

More refined way of implementation , once we know the exact outcome expected by the client , concept developed by SkillMetrics is such that it can be moulded in any given form . Our process starts with acquiring & understanding the requirements , next step is to to provide the consultation to the client regarding solution , what customisations are needed to be induced , what will be timeline to meet those customisations , considering your requirements what would actually turn beneficial for you . With rounds of discussions and mutual understanding with client we create the plot for Unique implementations.

Now enough of theoretical explanation lets look at the example for more clearer insights.
We SkillMetrics,we predominantly work in the manufacturing sector or used to work till a year ago would be much better to say , as we had our kickoff working with renowned manufacturing unit in India . By some reference r&d unit working on high-end automation software for e-mobility approached us for a skill matrix solution , Till the time we had very few or in-fact negligible enquiries from website . Our team was also very much excited about the fact that client has raised an enquiry via website. After having an excellent initial demo session with the ‘party’ , Now client was confident enough these guys have deep insights of skill matrix automation process.
Case study: -Client had 100 skills divided into two competency levels to manage amongst the staff of 400, managing that with a hefty sum of Excel sheets was getting difficult or rather impossible to control, and supervisors were finding it difficult to make out the exact skill requirements for the working shift. In this case, the major pain point was the number of skills was on the higher side calculated to almost 200. We @SkillMetrics provided them with sorting techniques and numerical skill gap analysis to carry out their operations, easily detect the skill gaps, and create on-demand training that eventually put an end to their skill mess and started a beautiful skill journey for them.

Though customising the built-up product is a task to deal with, and many times can be time-consuming but the end results are always better than the best

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