Strong base often leads to strong foundation & strong foundation results long lasting and robust constructions, hence understanding basics becomes the most vital part when trying to gain expertise in any precise domain. This initial write up focuses on basics of Skill Matrix and few common outcomes of skill matrix and why Skill Matrix must be automised in these everyday technology changing times

Q: What is Competency Mapping ?

Ans: Competency mapping is the process of identifying and assessing the skills and abilities required for an individual or organisation to perform effectively in a specific job or role. This process typically involves identifying the key competencies needed for a particular job, and then assessing the current level of competency of individuals within the organization in relation to those competencies. The goal of competency mapping is to align the skills and abilities of employees with the needs of the organisation, and to identify areas where training or development may be needed to improve performance.

Q: What is Skill Matrix?

Ans: A skill matrix, also known as a competency matrix or skill set matrix, is a tool used to assess and evaluate the skills and abilities of individuals within an organisation. It is typically organised as a grid or table with employees listed on one axis and specific skills or competencies listed on the other axis. Each intersection of an employee and a skill is then rated or ranked based on the individual’s proficiency or level of expertise in that area. The skill matrix can be used for a variety of purposes, such as identifying training needs, allocating resources, and making staffing decisions.Now we have got a brief idea of what is competency mapping & what is skill matrix . It is almost one and the same thing but only the point of difference is Skill Matrix fetches the grid format , a tabular format , and the engineers outlook to the format .

If something rises in volume then it requires a definite strategy and management terminology + discipline for smooth functioning .
As previously already mentioned above rising skill requirements has become the need of minute , skill sets have risen in volumes already hence the call of the day is to map up the skills for its utmost use . For e.g.,If I am one of the 500 employees in an organisation possessing 10 skills and rest 499 are also powered with 10 or 10+ skills with certifications of capabilities that sums up to roughly 5000 skills at the moment within organisation . And todays calls from Shift Allocator/TL/OM/OEM/PM/ is to execute the 10,000 volume of work, 50 personnel with definite skillset is required to pull off the scheduled volume with utmost perfection. In the given case Allocating the manpower + skill power becomes the task & baseline to kickoff.

Spreadsheets like Excel Sheets can be used for the purpose but it involves a lot of manual work , at times can also result in broken sheets turmoiling up the stuff. But with gradual advancements in technology , Software or in terms digital solution can be the best solution provider in given circumstances . Digital solution once setup and implemented properly provides oneclick solution . We skill metrics have come up with one such Competency Matrix , Skill Matrix , LMS , Training , Audits ,etc.. digital solution . Right from hiring to levelling up, level maintaining , e-learning , training->skill->training, skills plotting , skill gap detections, skill gap cementing mechanisms ,skill based shift allocations, to attritions we maintain all the records on few clicks .

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