Certification & Evidence

Evidence in the form of certificates, licenses, and documentation is available on-demand.

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Skill Metrics

Following successful training and assessment, certification or evidence of competence can be conveniently uploaded into Skill metrics.

Skill metric supports an unlimited amount of documentation against each persons’

Over time this will develop into a detailed library and evidence portfolio for each member of staff. Documentation can be uploaded regardless of whether the person met their target levels, and therefore can demonstrate both proficiencies or skill gaps.

Top Features:

  • Skills
  • Training
  • Knowledge
  • Leave sticky notes on remote computers
  • Integrations for Mobile Device Management and other apps
training and assessment
Types of Certification & Evidence

Types of Certification & Evidence

Documents can include, but are not limited to:

Training course attendance/completion
Compliance signatures
Certification (e.g. First Aid)
Mechanical operation (e.g. Fork Lift Truck Licence)
Viewing and uploading of documentation are based upon administration remits to ensure privacy and security.

Upload documents or link to your own infrastructure

Documents can be uploaded and hosted on Skill metrics. Otherwise, you can host your documents on your company’s IT Server. Most Documents have Shareable Links (Ex. SharePoint) they can paste on Skill metrics to create easy links to your infrastructure. The advantage of security via these platforms.

Why Skill metrics?


Your Security, Built
into Skill metrics

Skill metrics provides 100 % Security Assurance
Skill metrics Protect your Valuable Data From Threats And Attacks
Ensure your Data is safe With Skill metrics As Per your Company Norms.
cross platform

Your Security, Built
into Skill metrics

Skill metrics is compatible with multiple platforms such as desktop, laptop, mobile, etc.
Easily compatible with computers, Smartphones, and Tablets, a Nice and clean User Interface Supports All versions of Android and iOS.

best performance
Best performance

Your Security, Built
into Skill metrics

Skill metrics is the best platform For Managing your skill matrix and Competency management
Enhance your Performance Culture through Easy use Platform
Tools Like Skill metrics, Training Records, Assessment, Reporting, Dashboards, And Radars make Your Work Easy

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