Competency Management & Records

Tracking capabilities, Becoming capable

This is one of the most, if not the most, important tools that Skill Metrics has in its toolbox.
Competency matrix allows you to imprint the capabilities of an employee through skill matrix, functional radars, functional graphs, training feedbacks.

The Step Forward :

Skill Metrics manages competency levels at each and every step of your organization,
it fetches competency results based on the person, on the team, on the unit, on a machine, on the department, on the plant, or even on the entire organization
or organizations, step by step, it takes your competency level’s big step forward.

Schedule your Live Demo with skillmetrics for competency management

Schedule your LIVE Demo with Skill Metrics for competency management.

Imprint Your Every Training delivered

Use Skill Metrics: Training feedback facility to

  • Knowledge and understanding

  • On-the-activity and Off-the-activity

  • Refresher training

  • Vendor training

  • Coaching and mentoring

Training records may be entered for particular individuals, or imported in massive volumes, turning in an easy population. All the above data may be quickly and easily viewed in a person’s Competency Record or via our complete reporting tools.

Imprint Your Every Training delivered
Assessment of competence

Assessment of Competence

How to assess competence?

Skill Metrics empowers the software user with training building, exam building training feedback, training dashboard, training reports, exam build, online examinations, instant results, to make easier assessment mechanisms

Manage Retraining & Reassessment

What if someone misses the training due to unavoidable reasons? What if the exam is uncleared? Even if the person clears training and exam both, will he still be capable enough after six months?

No worries at all, we have customized retraining and reassessment mechanisms that allow you rescheduling as per your convenience to cement up the query.

Save Certification & Evidence Records

Upload an infinite range of files to assist every person’s training or assessment history. Documents may also include certificates or licenses e.g., Firefighter Certificate, CNC Programmer, etc.

Organizational Values — Attitude & Behaviors

Capture proof of behavioral alignment to produce a tabular View of people aligned with your organizational values and culture

save certification & evidence records
competency reporting

Competency Reporting

Report on each issue of training, assessment, and competency easily considered using effective and flexible reports.
Display results as tabular data or in groups with graphical summaries to quickly highlight strengths or to carry out a gap analysis.

Mobile Device Support

Skill metrics Has a mobile app for Smartphones and Tablet devices
Mobile Device Support provides a mobile web interface that can be accessed by various devices And platforms, such as iOS and Androids.

Top Features:

  • Ad-hoc support for Managers and employees
  • Custom design integrations for support applications
  • Integrated service systems and management
  • Save your sticky notes
  • Mobile and tablet, integration with device management and other apps
Mobile device support

Why Skill metrics?


Your Security, Built
into Skill metrics

Skill metrics provides 100 % Security Assurance
Skill metrics Protect your Valuable Data From Threats And Attacks
Ensure your Data is safe With Skill metrics As Per your Company Norms.
cross platform

Your Security, Built
into Skill metrics

Skill metrics is compatible with multiple platforms such as desktop, laptop, mobile, etc.
Easily compatible with computers, Smartphones, and Tablets, a Nice and clean User Interface Supports All versions of Android and iOS.

best performance
Best performance

Your Security, Built
into Skill metrics

Skill metrics is the best platform For Managing your skill matrix and Competency management
Enhance your Performance Culture through Easy use Platform
Tools Like Skill metrics, Training Records, Assessment, Reporting, Dashboards, And Radars make Your Work Easy

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